Hand of the Day

Trying to blog a little bit more so decided to share this recent hand of the day:

9 players currently at a 10 player table.

I have 65,000 and the average stack is around 40,000.


Fold, fold, Limp x6. I’m in the big blind with A/5o. Not really the best hand for this, but I decide to use my table image to my advantage and try to pick up a few chips. I raise to $4,900 (Pot was $5,700). The first 2 limpers called and everyone else folded. Drat.

The flop is 9/5/2 rainbow. Huh, I connected. With 19,500 in the pot, I bet 10,400 and both limpers fold. +$14,600 for me. Easy game.

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