Gargoyle’s League, Season 13, Game 3

Played in Game 3 of Season 12 of Gargoyle’s on Friday.  I started the game in 1st place, so that was pretty cool.

10/J and limp/call.  We got to the flop with 3 players.  Flop is K/J/x.  Joey bets like 80% of the pot and the other player folds.  I stop to think.  If Joey has a King, I don’t think he’d be leading for 80%.  Based on this read, his most likely hand is Q/Q or J/X.  I raise to like 3x of his bet and he folds.

I look down at A/Kc from the small blind.  It’s raised by someone with no callers so I 3-bet and take it down.

5/6c and I decide to see a flop.  Flop is 7/8/9 rainbow.  I lead for pot and get 2 callers.  The Turn is a queen I believe.  I bet again and get raised.  I call.  I believe the river was inconsequential.  I check, villain bets, I call.  He shows 10/J for the flopped better straight.  I love this game.  I think I lost the minimum here.

A little while later I find myself with K/K and 3-bet.  Called by Kyle.  I bet the entire way and Kyle calls me down.  My Kings are good and I have a nice stack that’s over 20,000.

A/7s and flop 2 7’s.  I lead out and Joey calls.  The turn is a Queen.  I see Joey check his cards and get a flash of a Queen.  He bets.  If he had 2 pair on the flop and improved to a better 2 pair, I might be doing pretty well.  I call.  River was inconsequential.  Joey bets, I call.  He shows Q/7 for the turned full house.  FUN GAME!  I think I lost the minimum again.

I 3-bet with K/Qc against Jim.  He folds.

I lead for like 3x with Q/Jd from the big blind.  It folds around to Jim who shoves.  As it’s heads-up, I call.  He shows two black 9’s.  Flop is A/x/x, 2 diamonds.  Not a bad flop for me.  However, I don’t improve and Jim takes the hand down.  Not great as I lose about 40% of my stack and am down to 9,000 (Starting stack was 10,000).  Looking at the numbers like this, it might have been a bit of a loose call.  Let’s check the odds calculator:

Looks like a good call with 48% equity against 51%.  Pretty standard flip.

The very next hand I’m in the small blind with 7/7.  Shardul raises to 1,600 from the button.  I call for 1,400 more.  Big blind calls for 1,200 more.  Flop is 7/8/3 (I think), 2 diamonds.  The board has straight and flush possibilities, but I doubt I’ll be called if I bet.  I decide to check-raise and check.  It checks around.  (Face-palm).  The turn is the 6 of hearts, adding a heart flush draw to the board.  I stick to my strategy.  Joey bets 3,000 which is about 60% of the pot.  Perfect.  Shardul thinks for a minute and then calls.  Ugh.  I have 7,300 total, so even with a shove I’ll only be increasing Joey by 4,300 or about 30% of the pot.  If he was drawing to either a straight or flush he’s getting pretty good odds.  Joey instantly calls.  Shardul looks surprised and folds.  We show and Joey is surprised to see me with a set.  The river is the 4 of hearts… to give Joey a straight…and me the boot in 21st place.  Ugh.

According to an odds calculator, Joey was only 18% to win there, so it’s good that I got it all-in good, but it sucks to lose to a draw, especially for my tournament life.  I really felt like I played well, even though I didn’t play a ton of hands and probably limped too many.

After this game I’m in 4th place and Joey has taken 1st2 months in a row.  Yes, the Joey that hit that straight against me.  He’s going to be hard to catch.

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