Gargoyle Tournament Series, Season 9, Game 5 & March Fun Game

We play these games on Friday nights starting at 7:00. This is a good idea because many of us don’t have to work the next day. It’s a bad idea because many of us put in a full day of work before the game. To counteract this I’ve been drinking a 5-hour energy drink before the games. I had thought this was working until I noticed that about a half hour into this game I was twitching like a mad man. I think I can call that idea a failure.

Few hands of note from this game:

I’m in the big blind with K/9 and get to see the flop for cheap. All low so I call. The turn is a King, but it adds a flush draw. I check-raise and get a tank/call from Mr. N. The river completes the flush draw and we both check. He shows K/J for the better kicker.

I like my check/raise on the turn, but I didn’t really think that it would have me representing the flush. Instead, with his call I thought he would be on the flush draw. If instead I had bet the river I may have been able to take it down.

3-Bet with A/Ks and get a call. Miss the board completely and by c-bet is check/called. Miss the turn and check. Miss the river and fold to a bet. I forgot how much I love A/K…

Raise from late position with K/J. Miss everything on the flop and c-bet. Mr. Z goes all-in and I fold like a cheap suit.

From the big blind I have 7/10c and get to see the flop for free. 9c/Jc/Qx. Pretty good flop for my hand. I check and watch Pockets bet and Mr. N raise. Yuck! I have 2,000 behind and there is about 2,000 in the pot. I jam and am called by both! I get no help on the turn or river and Mr. N wins with Q/J. Good night!

No more 5-hour energy drinks as it turns me into a spaz! I need to find another method to keep my energy levels up without making me twitch.

Having such an abysmal showing I decide to come back the next night for the fun game and just be a goof.

Some very interesting hands:

I limp with 4/4 and for the first time ever live flop quads. I check call. I check the Ace turn and my opponent bets the same amount as on the flop. I say, “Same bet amount equals weakness” and call. On the river I’m still contemplating how to get more chips in the pot so make a speech about being a non-believer because of the same bet and put a pot-sized bet out. He calls and shows A/x. I *think* I maximized my value there.

After this I’m running a bit like God for a while and amass nice chip stack. I keep flopping 2-pair, sets and the like. Back Door notices and is extremely cautious of me, but everyone else is losing to me. Fun while it lasts!

We end up combining down to 1 table and I immediately flop 2-pair again. I raise to a c-bet and Mrs. Gargoyle calls. Ruh-roh. Original raiser folds. I bet the turn and go all in on the river to discover that she flopped a straight. Yuck! Good bye chips!

The very next hand is against pockets. I’m in the big blind with A/6 and flop K/6/6. I bet, he calls. The turn is a 10. I bet, he calls. The river is a 10. I like this and go all-in. He folds and throws his cards face up into the muck. K/10. Um… Yes, he did just fold a better full house than mine as he’d forgotten what his kicker was. I should have been felted there!

After that it was a nice downhill spiral towards 0 chips but I managed to eek out a 3rd place finish!

Much better than the Friday night showing that’s for sure!

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