Hand of the Day #4

This will be a good lead-in to my latest Gargoyle recap.

Observed by me:

Pretty normal hand early on in the tournament. Ace high board at the river when the following happens.

Player 1 bets. Player 2 looks very thoughtful and says, “Do you have pocket 7’s?”

Immediately I suspect that Player 2 is VERY weak. From what I’ve read if you’re resorting to asking this specific of a question about an opponent’s hand, it can be assumed that your hand is worse.

Player 1 responds, “Why yes! How did you know?”

At this I’m assuming he does NOT in fact have pocket 7’s, but instead something much better. This willingness to talk about the strength of his hand let me know that he was VERY comfortable. Comfort = strength (usually).

However, Player 1 then proceeds to show 1 of his cards, a 7! At this point I decide he has A/7.

Player 2 though is just completely flustered. The table of course doesn’t help as we all erupt in conversation. Player 1 eventually decides he needs to call to see the 7’s (playing sheriff maybe?).

Player 1 shows A/7 and takes it down.

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