WSOP League, Season 3, Game 9

Still running like garbage in this league for some reason.  Even though I finished in 4th place at the last game, it was mostly because I folded the entire night and only played enough hands to stay alive.  It helps that when I’m all-in I tend to hit my hands for some reason.

Early on I try to start making my own luck.  I have K/7o and 3-bet against Rocco who calls.  All pretty low cards and my c-bet takes it down.

I think I’m in the big blind and call a small raise with 2/3o and call down with bottom pair.  I feel like he doesn’t really have anything, neither do I, so I call his river bet.  He has 4’s so I felt pretty good about my read and just wanted to validate.

I’m in late position with Q/Jo and call a small raise.  Flop top pair and call him the entire way, especially after he bets the same amount on the turn.  After this bet I considered raising but didn’t.  Thought I might be able to induce another bet on the river, which I did.  I was right and took the pot down.

4/4 and raise.  2 callers.  Donk-bet on the flop from Rocco takes it down and saves me money!

A/8 in the big blind at least 3 of us go to the flop which is A/8/x, all hearts.  I check with the intention of raising.  Dave bets 1,000 and I raise to 3,000.  He thinks, asks me if I have hearts.  I say, “That’s certainly what I’m representing” and he folds and shows an Ace.

9/10o and raise with position.  Dave from the big blind calls and says, I’m calling because you’re raising with rags.  WTF?  He shows Q/x and hit a queen on the turn.  What I’m not sure about is if he has a read on me or if he was just messing with me.

4/4 and limp and fold when I don’t hit a set.

Just after Dave has a bad hand against Mike, he raises from early, but is clearly on tilt.  I have A/Q from the BB, but Todd 3-bets about 70% of his stack.  Against just Todd, I’d probably shove, but against Dave, who will likely call, I decide to fold.  Dave calls and folds on the flop, but show A/Jo and Todd shows J/J.  Flop was 2/3/3.

From the big blind I get to see a free flop, but do not look at my cards.  It is Q/Q/X, 2 hearts, and checks around.  The turn is another heart.  This time Matt bets like 66% of the pot, probably about 1,000.  I finally check my hand and discover A/Qd.  Ugh.  Should have looked preflop.  I decide to raise to 2,500.  It folds around to Matt who tanks and then calls.  The river is a non-heart card and Matt checks.  I check and have him crushed as he had middle pair.

I open from the button with Q/4c to try and mix things up.  Russ calls.  Flop is K/7/K, 2 clubs.  Russ leads into me for 2,000, which I’m assuming was a high amount.  Of course I think he’s representing a King, but it also feels like a go-away bet, so maybe the 7.  I call.  The turn is a non-club 7 and he immediately reaches for chips again and I fold VERY QUICKLY.  Russ shows 2/3d for a complete bluff.  Ugh.

Raise from late position with K/Qo and get 1 caller, Rob.  Flop is 7/8/8 with 2 clubs.  I bet 1,500, which is about 60% of the pot and have about 3,000 behind.  Rob tanks but asks how many chips I have.  I tell him and say that I would love a fold as I want to win the pot.  He finally moves all-in and I call.  He shows A/J.  Turn is an Ace, but a club.  I have the King of clubs so have a few outs, but the King on the river does not help me and I’m out in 12th place.

So not a great showing from me in this league.  Just haven’t had a lot of great starting hands and have been having a hard time this season getting my “tricks and non-sense” approach to work.  Not a lot of solid reads on folks and TONS of aggression again.  Writing this blog helps some for sure, but it would be nice if I had more than 3 premium hands in 2.5 hours and more than 2 pocket pairs.  Maybe next time!  Gargoyle’s is next Friday so wish me luck!

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