Hand of the Day #5

After 1 limper, I limp on the button with J/6c. Small Blind and Big Blind come along.

At this point I have 73,000. SB has 25,000. BB has 30,000. Early limper has 10,000.

The flop is Ac/Qc/6d. Amazing flop for me as I actually connected and I have the 2nd nut flush draw.

Small Blind leads out. Big Blind raises. At this point, I have them both on some combination of Aces. No idea about the short stacked limper, but probably a small pair or an Ace with a weak kicker. I’m not worried about me making my flush and still losing.

I go all-in. I figure that if the short stack calls but the other 2 fold it’s no big deal even if he wins. If the other folks call, I won’t be as happy, but I still have a good chance of winning.

Short stack calls. Small Blind folds. Big Blind makes a crying call.

Short stack has 6/6 for the flopped set. Wow. Did not expect that especially when I have the last 6.
Big Blind has A/8o. About where I put him.

The turn and river do not help me and I finish the hand with 42,000.

Of course it’s not the results I wanted, but I think I would play this hand the same way next time. It was a great opportunity to gain a LOT of chips and if I’m going to continue in the tournament I need to continue to build my chip stack. With 42,000 chips I have 21 big blinds left. A little short, but still room to maneuver.

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